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National Love Your Pet Day

Kamryn Troyer

Thursday Feb 20th, 2020

National Love Your Pet Day 

It’s the best day of the year! National Love Your Pet Day is today, and what better way to love your pet than to help improve their health, which, just like humans, includes stress management. Did you know approximately 20 to 40 percent of dogs experience separation anxiety from their owners?1 Common behaviors observed in animals experiencing anxiety include:

  • Destruction of household items
  • Accidents (even when housetrained)
  • Pacing/repetitive behavior
  • Tail wagging (no, it’s not always pure happiness)2

What’s an effective way to help your pet miss you a little less during a long workday? The American Kennel Club suggests CBD could benefit dogs as an anti-anxiety supplement.3 Like humans, dogs also have unique endocannabinoid systems with CBD receptors (more about that here).

Today and every day, pamper your pup with treats they’ll be begging for while helping them live their happiest, healthiest life.



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