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Celebrate a Reverse New Year’s Eve with CBD

Wednesday Dec 30th, 2020

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As COVID-19 hospitalizations reach record highs, the prospect of celebrating in any way reminiscent of New Year’s Eve pasts is, as most of us anticipated, nonexistent. This means large parties will land on the back burner for at least another few months, a fitting conclusion to a tumultuous year of climbing coronavirus cases. Despite the lack of festivities, many are still overjoyed to welcome in a year that isn’t 2020.

How do you celebrate the promise of 2021 while away from friends and family? Our suggestion: a reverse New Year’s Eve. Rather than placing the focus on extravagant parties with resolutions as half-hearted afterthoughts, do the opposite and make December 31 a day of intentional goal setting and relaxation.

Step 1: Treat Yourself to a Dose of CBD.

Whether with your favorite oil, capsule, or a couple of squares of our delicious CBD Dark Chocolate Bars (sold in-stores only), allow yourself to ease into the day with a sense of serenity. 2020 has been an uncontrollable period filled with anxiety for many, and it’s time to leave it in your wake.

Step 2: Set a Health Goal, or Multiple.

The past 10 months have served as a reminder that your health is never to be taken for granted. Consider a goal or two that is easily attainable on a daily basis: A brisk, 30-minute walk to clear your head, a balanced breakfast to kickstart your metabolism or a dose of CBD to help you sleep are great starting points.

Step 3: Put Your Plan in Writing.

Do you keep a journal? Are you a spreadsheet junkie? Studies show that putting your goals in a concrete form leads to a significantly higher chance of success. Small, short-term goals are also more likely to be achieved, and gradually shift your work ethic in the process, than massive, long-term plans.

Step 4: Acknowledge the Good.

Although 2020 may seem like a year better off forgotten, it is necessary to reflect on the lessons that came with it, namely, how to adjust to the ebb and flow of factors outside of your control. For many, it was also a time to slow down and examine what is truly important. Taking a moment to practice gratefulness against all odds will spark optimism for the upcoming year. As they say, you get back the energy you give, so make yours positive!

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It might not be the friend-packed party you were hoping for, but it is a New Year’s Eve plan that will be noteworthy for years to come. Our 2021 mantra: Welcome peace of mind, discard anxiety (well, as much as you can) and practice healthy living!

We at Farmulated CBD hope your new year is a pleasant surprise, and one filled with exciting new CBD products!


Happy New Year!

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